artmix workshops

artmix offers lunch and afternoon workshops for artists ages 3-9.  students will build and learn new skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, mixed media and collage, as they make masterpieces inspired by artists from all around the world each week in our workshops.

students have a great learning opportunity each week in our workshops.  our nurturing teachers help the children build their fine motor skills, learn new techniques, explore all of the art elements, learn age appropriate art history and geography, and guide them through the process of making great works of art.  at the conclusion of the semester, students will have a collection of masterpieces that reflect their creative growth and talent!

semester registration bonus: students who register for either the whole or half of the semester, get our semester rate,  plus one hour per week of  creative time in our pop-in studios throughout the semester in addition to their class time.  our pop-in studios feature new projects each week, and are based on:  the country of the week, the art elements, and holidays themes!

registration is prorated and ongoing throughout the semester. please call us to register, 713.552.9028.


artmix workshops are offered tuesday-thursdays this spring:

lunch workshop: 12:30-2:00pm: children are welcome to come from school and eat their lunch at 12:00pm and have creative fun in our pop-in studios before the 12:30pm lunch workshop!

afternoon workshop: 3:30-5:00pm or 4:00-5:30pm

additional days are available by request.


spring2017semester:  january 2 -may 13th, 2017. cost: $720.00.

by-the-day workshop registration: $45.00 per workshop and includes the workshop and  a coupon for a complimentary 1-hour visit to our pop-in studios.

please email us any questions or concerns you may have, using the form below.