artmix provides the same curriculum that we teach our students in our studios at artmix, to students at school, homes, and homeschool or co-op locations as a part of artmix’s on-the-go program. In class, students enjoy creative fun and build their fine motor skills, as they make masterpieces inspired by artists and cultures from all around the world throughout the semester. Projects include themes such as: land, city, and seascapes; self-portraits, drawing animals, still life, abstract art, art from different cultures, and more!

artmix’s teaching style and process:  Each week in class, our nurturing teachers will introduce the students to a new artist or culture. They will teach the children about where the art is from, and how it was made, and what is special about the creative style they are learning about.  The teachers will guide the students through the process of making a masterpiece inspired by the featured artist or theme.  Teachers will help the students learn and build their creative skills in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and more. Students will learn the art elements and incorporate them into their work.  The students will take home a beautiful masterpiece each week!

Semester Registration Bonus: In addition to class time, students are welcome to enjoy unlimited independent creative fun in artmix’s pop-In studios throughout the semester.  Our pop-in studios feature a colorful collection of crafts inspired by new destinations and artists each week, as well as a complete collection of painting, collage, beading, drawing supplies, and more! Reservations are not required.  The pop-in studios are open Monday-Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm, during the Fall and Winter/Spring Semester, except during our holiday and Spring Break Camps.

New classes can be scheduled at your location for a minimum of 8 weeks to a maximum of 18 weeks, with a minimum of 5 students.

Ages 3 - 9 years

Ages 10 -1 5 years see artmixstudio